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    • We know you have a busy schedule. It’s one thing to have a beautiful, colorful lawn and landscape to enjoy at home, and another to make sure the grass stays green and the shrubby trimmed. Even if you do have the time to prune and mow and tend to your flowers beds, you may worry that your not-so-green thumb can risk the lushness of your outdoor property. With Tidewater Landworks, there’s no need to be concerned – we offer a full range of yard and landscape maintenance services.


      Whether you need regular mowing while you’re away for an extended vacation, or want to winterize your garden and protect your plants from freezing, Tidwater Landworks is here to help. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your flowers, plants, ponds and outdoor structures looking new and fresh. We offer everything from pool and pond cleaning, seeding and sodding, mulching, and removal of damaged or dying greenery. You can call us after a big storm if you need help clearing away fallen branches and restoring plants, or when you’re ready to have weekly, monthly, or quarterly touch-ups to your property.


      Call 757-420-3888 to schedule regular maintenance to your Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Hampton Roads home and yards.