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    • When you think of boulders, you may worry that a landscaping company wishes to turn your back yard into the Grand Canyon! No need to worry when dealing with our professional master gardeners at Tidewater Landworks. Landscaping with boulders and riverstone simply means adding texture and depth to your gardens and lawns. We’re not talking about dominating your yard with gigantic rocks, but using ample-sized stones for a rustic, natural appearance that turns an ordinary yard into a breathtaking retreat.

      Why use large stones to accent your gardens? At Tidewater Landworks, we believe your outdoor property is a valuable asset, and as such how it looks should reflect who are you and what you enjoy. Boulders are used often to border tree lines or koi ponds, and are sometimes positioned to give your yard a multi-level effect. If your property sits on a hill, larger rocks create a lovely border that looks great from any angle.

      To learn more about using boulders and large stone in yard design, we invite you to contact us today at 757-420-3888 for a free consultation.