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    • Having worked in landscaping and residential yard design for many years, one thing we notice while looking around other homes is that people tend to put all of their energy into their lawns but neglect driveways and walkways. A driveway is more than a place to park a car – it is part of your property, and as such it should be maintained with the rest of your yard.  At Tidewater Landworks, we offer maintenance and care of these level areas that see the majority foot traffic in and out of your home.

      Our professional crew will handle the complete care of these heavy-duty pathways. Edging and trimming takes care of unsightly weeds, and we can also remove water and oil stains left behind from parked cars and repair cracks and replace loose stones that might cause injury. With beautiful plants lining the drive up to your garage or carport, we’ll make it a joy to come home every night.

      Contact us today at 757-420-3888 to learn more about how Tidewater Landworks can beautify your walkways and concrete paths and driveways.