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    • When the sun goes down, there’s no need to end the party and head indoors. Illuminate your gardens and patio areas with a functional lighting system that complements your decor and highlights walking paths so you can move around with ease. Best of all, Tidewater Landworks offers energy efficient solutions for your outdoor lighting needs, so working the lights at night shouldn’t run up your bills.

      At Tidewater Landworks, we put your safety first. Outdoor lighting for your yards and gardens provides many benefits that you will enjoy for years to come.

      Security – A well-lighted front lawn provides security for your family at night. It’s easier to spot unusual activity, and timed lighting may also scare off animals come to tear up your grass.

      Enhanced Beauty – Host a nighttime barbecue or swim on the back patio, and your guests can still marvel over how wonderful your garden and pool look under the glow.

      Maintenance – Some repairs can’t wait until morning. Our outdoor lighting systems can also provide extra help if you need to make adjustments or fixes to your garden or yard furniture.

      Contact us today at 757-420-3888 to learn more about the outdoor lighting options we offer homeowners in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and all over Hampton Roads.