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    • Mulching is a dirty job (literally!), but somebody has to do it…especially if you want to keep your plants and gardens healthy and growing. At Tidewater Landworks, we know our mulch and we are happy to take on the dirty work while you relax and enjoy your yards and greenery.

      When you call on Tidewater Landworks to mulch your yards, we’ll take great care in not only placing the mulch where it needs to go, but we’ll work with you to coordinate the best mulch for your yards and garden. That’s right, you probably didn’t realize mulch comes in a variety of colors – we can color coordinate your planting areas and enhance the natural beauty of your landscape.

      Tidewater Landworks also provides supplemental materials like lava rock and drainage rock to border and protect the mulched area. Whether for a small area around your pond or for the majority of your back yard, we’ll provide enough mulch to go around.

      Contact Tidewater Landworks today at 757-420-3888 for your free estimate on your next outdoor landscaping project.